Ovitas CMS – Content Lifecycle Solution

Ovitas delivers a complete content lifecycle management solution for publications workgroups.

Version management keeps all documents and graphics secure and under control. A comprehensive Web-based workflow system assists with collaboration – even with remote authors – and automates review and approval.

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Ovitas Customers

Ovitas customers are leading thinkers who are among the first to deploy modular authoring solutions for information delivery, and service portals for information access. We support both large and small organizations anywhere in North America, and through our partners around the globe.

Below we describe a representative sample of customer implementations.

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Ovitas Vertical Market Solutions

Ovitas provides Content Lifecycle and Management Solutions to these Vertical Markets:

  • Global Accounting and Auditing
  • Healthcare / Regulatory
  • Finance / Banking
  • Manufacturing / Technical Documentation

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Ovitas Solutions Support Industry Verticals


  • Healthcare / Regulatory
  • Global Accounting & Auditing
  • Finance / Banking
  • Manufacturing

Ovitas CMS

Ovitas CMS offers complete Component Content and Document management functionality and enables modular authoring and sophisticated object linking.

  • Library functions including check in and check out and version control of all objects.
  • Integrates with popular editing tools, including Adobe FrameMaker (XML and native), PTC Arbortext Editor, Just Systems XMetaL, and Microsoft Word.
  • Flexible Workflow for automated review and approval.
  • Automated document assembly from content components using XML or Word.
  • Connects to deployment solutions for instant delivery of up to date, personalized information.
  • Supports Oracle and runs on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers and browser clients.