OvitaS TMS Integration Released

OvitaS is pleased to announce our integration with XTM International’s XTM Cloud, a DITA compliant, cloud-based Translation Management Solution.

Ovitas expands its DITA XML Content Lifecycle Solutions with direct links to content translation solutions.

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OvitaS Adds Integration Framework for Translation Management Solutions

New Plug-able Architecture enables the Ovitas CMS to “talk” to TMS platforms.

How it works

Ovitas DITA XML-based Content Lifecycle Management workflow driven solutions manage the creation, approval, and packaging of content for localization. Now those packages will be delivered automatically to  XTM Cloud, creating a round trip translation process. Managers have access to both solutions to oversee projects in flexible and cost efficient methods. Once localized, content is re-imported into Ovitas, where relationships, versions, and audit trails are managed. The result is multi-lingual content ready for production.

Translation Management Systems (TMS), both on premises and in the Cloud, are an integral part of the information production and management process for organizations with a global audience.

Ovitas and XTM International share a common strategy with XML content and the DITA standard. This partnership is a natural fit for each company’s customer base.

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