Content Management Platform

Ovitas CMS – Component Content Management System is an Enterprise platform to manage content authoring, review and approval, publishing, updating, security, and version control. Unlike standard document management systems, the Ovitas CMS platform promotes content reuse, and manages modular content, defined by and using using XML structures.

Additional components for content authoring include the Ovitas Workflow Portal and Ovitas Publishing Bridge.

OvitaS CMS – Content Lifecycle Solution

  • Outstanding ‘out-of-the-box’ document and component content management functionality reduces costly project customization.
  • Capabilities for creation, management, assembly and publication of custom documents from modular content.
  • XML and SGML support ensures media neutrality of all information and facilitates content reuse and multi-channel distribution.

OvitaS Workflow Portal

  • Dynamically manages people and processes.
  • State-of-the art business process management.
  • Rich functionality, customizable web-based user interface.
  • Open APIs, scalable & reliable server architecture.
  • Can easily be integrated into distributed system environments.
  • Graphic tool used for easy creation and administration of workflows.

OvitaS Publishing Bridge

  • Uses business rules to extract content from data sources.
  • Data sources can be any document store ranging from content or document management systems to the file system.
  • Content assembled according to user specifications.
  • Assembled content can be processed to create a finished publication and integrated with delivery applications.