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Ovitas Accounts Payable Automation

Scan, organize, approve, and pay

ELO accounts payable automation gives you the document management and workflow tools to make the invoice process a lot more efficient, from import, OCR, and 3-way match to approval workflows and reconciliation via integration with popular ERP and accounting systems.

Ovitas Remote Working

Remote working

  • Can you get to all the information you need to do your job?
  • Do review and approval processes still work?
  • Are reminders and escalations sent out automatically?
  • Are you always sure you’re using the right version of an important document?

Ovitas Component Content Management System

Your Content supports your Products.
Your Content is your Product.
You’ve come to the Right Place!

Component Content Management is the most effective means of managing product information. The evolution of XML, and current modern XML data models such as DITA – the Darwin Information Typing Architecture – has served to strengthen the argument for creating and managing content in granular and reusable units.

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Empower your organization to become more agile, efficient and effective with ELO

One platform

ELO provides a single platform for building content-enabled applications while complementing your other core business systems delivering value for both your business and IT.

Low-code configuration

Reduce cost, development time and departmental silos by rapidly creating content-enabled solutions with a low-code application development platform.

Anywhere, any way

Deploy ELO to the cloud, extend to mobile devices and integrate with existing applications – all benefiting from the core strengths and securities native to the ELO platform.

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