Food and Beverage Production Industry

ELO ECM empowers companies to take control of their information, ensuring seamless compliance, enhanced service levels, and maximized profits.

Food and beverage companies face the complex challenges of navigating safety regulations, managing global supply chains, and meeting ever-evolving consumer demands. By choosing ELO ECM, you can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and maintain your competitive edge.

  • Automatically capture, manage, store, deliver, and preserve documents throughout their lifecycle
  • Enable dynamic, seamless, and transparent workflows, for efficient invoice, contract and support portal solutions
  • Empowers technicians, using Gen AI to query multiple sources for all pertinent and relevant trouble-shooting information
  • Integration enables users to access and validate information from multiple data sources using one system

Our solutions

Accounts Payable Automation

No matter what ERP or accounting software you use, accounts payable automation solutions from ELO and Ovitas make your AP process more efficient. From review to approval to archiving.

i-Link Service Portal

The i-Link Service Portal supports your customers, service centers, and field service technicians throughout the entire service process.

Contract Management

Relationships in business are built on contracts. Let’s make sure your company has transparent and standardized processes in place to ensure you meet compliance and never miss key information or dates!


Improved Customer Service

Provides better information for customers, staff, and suppliers.

Increased Efficiency

Enhances staff efficiency, saving time and administrative costs.

Enhanced Accessibility

Access the latest documents from any device, anywhere.

Eliminated Paperwork Issues

No more filing cabinets, version control problems, or lost documentation.


Streamlines procurement, invoice approval, auto-invoice recognition and 3-way-matching,

Compliance for Food Safety & Traceability

Maintains full records management, global and regional, and batch information and real-time reporting.

Supply Chain Management

Comprehensive audit trails and information visibility enabling time-stamped workflows for identifying bottlenecks and creating benchmarks.

Workflow design

Workflow design for manages workflows, approvals, staffing, storage, distribution, ordering, invoicing, and payments.

Access & Security

Provides strict access control, security, and complete audit trails of activity.

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