Ovitas Workflow Portal

Powerful Process Management

OWP is an Enterprise class, cost effective, comprehensive process management application that coordinates all aspects of a process—people, rules, tasks and systems—into a cohesive whole.

Graphic User Interface

  • Provides an intuitive way to graphically model business processes of any scope.
  • Provides a management console for configuring and managing the runtime environment.
  • Provides ad hoc routing.
  • Facilitates a means to create process models and execute them, no matter how complex.

Browser and Full Clients

Available by browser and integrated with the Ovitas CMS user interface, the Ovitas Workflow Portal (OWP) is a workflow, editorial and production process enterprise service that frees organizations to manage interactive and automated processes that may communicate with multiple content or data silos.

Integrate with other Systems

OWP works independently with Ovitas CCMS or other 3rd party CCMS solutions.
OWP provides a natural integration platform for the content lifecycle management solutions in an enterprise’s IT environment. It offers component services to automate and manage workflow process instances, event management, and system and composite application integration.

Interactive and Event Driven

Workflows may be intiated by actions outside the CCMS, building flexibility on overall data flow design.
Interactive Workflow selection may be enhanced with Nesting of additional processes.

We do Processes Right!

Ovitas Workflow Portal fits with your Standards and Technologies

OWP Fits with IT 

  • Supports native Java
  • Offers numerous implementation options — embeddable components or standalone solutions
  • Provides the means to dynamically link subsystems as reusable components
  • Provides role-based security, authentication and authorization that can restrict user access to specific features and functions

Standards Based

  • Enables powerful exposed APIs and Web services
  • What resources, resource groups or resource types are eligible to do the activity
  • Orchestrates an organization’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy
  • Separates process management logic from the application subsystems used to automate or perform specific tasks

Enterprise Impact

  • Enables platform and database independence
  • Facilitates a means to create process models and execute them, no matter how complex
  • Allows easy access to enterprise application data, wherever it resides

Each Process Documented

  • Each stage of a Workflow is captured and documented.
  • Each Workflow may be published as XML content.

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