i-Link DocuSign

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How it works

From automating processes to creating and approving documents, see how Ovitas links your ELO to DocuSign, so you can manage contracts and other signature-requiring documents all in the same application.

Create and approve documents

Use ELO to easily create the documents that require signatures.

  • Create documents from scratch or from pre-defined templates
  • Ensure privacy and security with proper version control and access permissions upon creation and modification of the document
  • Initiate workflows before sending the document, ensuring internal approval from all relevant parties

Send documents

With the press of a button, documents are sent to the signatories.

  • Request eSignatures directly from ELO
  • Capable of being sent to single or multiple parties for signing
  • Save requests for signatures before sending, allowing internal parties to review the list of recipients

Sign documents

Signing parties are able to easily view, accept and sign or reject documents.

  • Digitally sealed documents to ensure signed documents stay tamper -proof and legally binding
  • Request eSignatures straight from ELO
  • Signed documents automatically updated back into ELO

Automate workflows

Signatory actions automatically update documents in ELO, and can initiate or continue workflows.

  • Include business workflows for signed/rejected documents in ELO the moment they are received
  • Customizable automation set the level that works best for the company or department
  • Trackable and auditable workflows to ensure transparency and a clear understanding progression of the workflow.

Powerful analytics

Utilize powerful inbuilt analytics for visualization and statistics.

  • Maintain a complete overview of signed documents and contracts with Ovitas’ powerful inbuilt analytics
  • Customize dashboards to the organization’s needs, smoothly integrating with existing business processes
  • Combine DocuSign integration with other business solutions to keep the flow of information clear and concise

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