Digital transformation affects companies of all sizes, from small trade contractors through to public authorities and major corporations.

Raiffeisenverband Südtirol
Würth Elektronik

With ELO Digital Office, you have the right partner at your side. Companies of all sizes, from local small businesses to large and multinational corporations are great examples of how businesses can optimize their processes with ELO products. 

Browse through our customer references and read about projects that our ELO Business Partners have successfully implemented in your particular line of business.

Klinikum Ansbach
Mink Bürsten
Nord Ost 77 – Berliner Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG
bewa-plast fenstertechnik
Brückner Maschinenbau
Unidade Local De Saúde Santa Maria
eawag aquatic research
Stadt Ellwangen
Eura Mobil
EAE Solutions
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Hochland Kaffee Hunzelmann
Hoffmann + Krippner
Hohenstein Institute
Huisseau sur Cosson
IBC Solar
J. Schneider Elektrotechnik
JOST – life in motion
jung – since 1828
Lindemann – wir bauen Zukunft
Peters – Badgestaltung & Haustechnik
La Mie Câline
Fiebig – Pharmacy Solutions
Neue Storchen Apotheke
NH Generator Installers – Control Your Power
Poșta Moldovei
Raiffeisenverband Südtirol
Rea Card
Reclay Group
Rhewum – Enjoy the Difference
Semperoper Dresden
Schuler Präzisionstechnik
Schwarzwald Augenklinik
Stadt Zürich Schul- und Sportdepartment – research + publishing network
Strub medical
Handwerkskammer Region Stuttgart
SWD – Zu Hause in Düsseldorf
Tacke + Lindemann
Tassilo Apotheke
VfB Stuttgart
vossloh Kiepe
weimarer wohnstätte
Würth Elektronik
ZBI Zentral Boden Immobilien Gruppe
Stadt Zürich Stadtpolizei
Zepf Instruments


AKN optimized key processes and cut costs with ELO

Thanks to ELOenterprise, AKN has been able to optimize key processes as a basis for competitiveness and sustainable success. During implementation of the solution, the company created a centralized contract database, set up an automated invoice processing workflow that links to SAP, and integrated Lotus Notes in ELO.


ELO simplifies the everyday work of employees at ALIGRO

ALIGRO is a leading Swiss wholesaler of gastronomy and food products. The company relies on the ELO DocXtractor module to automatically classify and process the large volume of delivery notes and documents it receives every day.

Ansbach clinic

Digital patient record saves time and resources

The clinic in Ansbach implemented digital patient records with ELOprofessional. Staff can access all patient records and other data in the central repository, and benefit from cost-effective, compliant administration processes.

August Mink

Mink processes invoices automatically with ELO

As Mink sends and processes all of its invoices electronically, the company has to meet requirements relating to digital signage. A total of 90,000 signatures were scanned to the ECM system, and shortly afterwards, all the company’s delivery notes and order documents were transferred from the ERP system to ELO.

Auto-Interleasing AG

Dynamic invoice processing with ELO

ELOprofessional speeds up processing times, improves data quality, and provides information on demand at Auto-Interleasing AG. Auto‑Interleasing AG has also streamlined its invoicing workflows with the ELO DocXtractor classification module, which automatically captures and processes invoice data.

bekuplast GmbH

Reusable packaging solutions for a successful future

With the development and production of reusable transport packaging made of plastic, the bekuplast group of companies has been focusing on sustainable solutions for storage and transport of all kinds of goods from the very start. Having digitized core company processes with ELOprofessional, the company is also able to drive forward sustainable business development.

Berliner Wohnungsgenossenschaft

The housing association archives all its documents in ELO

The Berlin-based housing association archives all its documents using ELOprofessional and has integrated the ECM software in the WODIS ERP system, ensuring it can provide tenants a better customer service.

bewa-plast Beck GmbH

More transparency thanks to digital processes

bewa-plast Beck GmbH has made a name for itself with the production of state-of-the art uPVC windows and innovative accessories. The family business is based on environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions, and with the ELO ECM Suite has extended its philosophy to digital business processes.


Bosch uses the DMS ELOprofessional in its legal department

Bosch introduced ELOprofessional as a document management solution for the central legal department at Robert Bosch GmbH.

Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Best of both worlds

Brückner Maschinenbau, the world’s leading supplier of film stretching lines, and its service partner Brückner Servtec have been digitizing information management processes with the ECM suite from ELO Digital Office for around 15 years. Since the beginning of 2019, the companies have also been using the ELO Suite for SAP ArchiveLink® for more streamlined integration with SAP.

Capital BAY GmbH

Active across Germany, Investmenthaus Capital BAY faced the challenge of optimizing its business processes and making them future-proof

Capital BAY GmbH is a full-service investment company that takes a holistic approach to real estate. With more than 160 employees and locations throughout Germany, the company covers the entire real estate value chain and manages assets in excess of EUR 3.5 billion. Considering the company’s strong growth, it was important for Capital BAY to streamline its business processes and make them both transparent and future-proof. By introducing an automatic invoicing process with ELO DocXtractor and ELO Invoice combined with digital approval processes, the company quickly met its goal working with ELO Business Partner Konica Minolta.

Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte

Digital transformation of clinical registries

Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte (CHULN) in Lisbon, with its more than 6,000 employees, faces enormous challenges when it comes to archiving clinical registries and medical files. For this reason, CHULN now relies on ELOenterprise to digitally manage its vast amount of patient data.


Dichtomatik increases efficiency and productivity with electronic document archiving

Dutch firm Dichtomatik specializes in manufacturing technical seals. ELOprofessional has improved customer service, providing staff with an electronic repository for documents related to orders and sales, and workflows have automated processes such as invoice approval.

Eawag aquatic research

ELO provides an efficient e-mail management tool

EAWAG uses ELOenterprise as a document and e-mail management solution, enabling employees to retrieve documents and archived e-mails in an instant. And, less load on the MS Exchange Server means better system performance.

Ellwangen town administration

E-records are the future

In Ellwangen, time-honored architecture such as the mighty basilica from the late Romantic period, or the impressive Renaissance castle, meets forward-looking trends in administration. The modern town in Baden-Württemberg manages all ist administrative records digitally thanks to Business Solution ELO Public Sector.

Eura Mobil

Staff use ELO as a central information platform and to process invoices

Motor home specialist Eura Mobil implemented ELOprofessional to ensure employees had access to central vehicle files, enabling them to provide customers and dealers on-the-spot information. Automated invoice management makes for a faster accounts payable workflow.

eve GmbH

ELO integrated easily in the company’s ERP system

The electronics distributor has optimized a number of processes with ELOprofessional: These include e-mail management, contract management, and integration of third-party applications using ELO BLP.


EVERS implemented ELOprofessional as a central information system for more transparency

EVERS Bauelemente implemented ELOprofessional as a central information system for more transparency and less paperwork. Other benefits include streamlined administrative processes and order-related tasks, and improved customer service.

Ewert Ahrensburg Electronic

EAE uses ELOprofessional to streamline HR processes

The ECM solution is linked to the Varial HR software. As all personnel records have been digitized and new files are archived automatically, the company can be sure that sensitive information is securely stored in line with retention requirements.


Electrified document management

Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich, “ewz” for short, supplies 222,000 customers with power, grid services, and more. Considering these impressive figures, it‘s no wonder that ewz is confronted with a large amount of data every single day. To manage this huge volume efficiently, ewz sought an enterprise content management system, ultimately introducing ELOenterprise with the support of IT service provider Advellence Solutions AG.


Dansk Farmer IT implemented ELO as a shared solution

IT service provider Dansk Farmer IT implemented ELOenterprise as a central information platform that is used by farmers on a shared server. The goal was to ease administrative tasks so that the farmers have more time to devote to the actual farming business.

Filmakademie Ludwigsburg

The film academy uses ELOprofessional to manage film projects

Thanks to ELOprofessional, the Ludwigsburg film academy has been able to streamline workflows and cut back on the amount of paper used, so the cameras can keep rolling all day long.

Ewert Ahrensburg Electronic

Flexitallic optimizes key processes for competitiveness and sustainable success.

FREUNDLIEB Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG

With ELOprofessional and ELO for Mobile Devices, the family-run company from Dortmund maximizes digital business processes

Founded in 1901, FREUNDLIEB Bauunternehmung GmbH looks back on a long tradition. Over the decades, the company has grown beyond the Ruhr region to become a key player in the construction industry in North-Rhine Westphalia. With ELOprofessional and mobile workflow solutions, the family-run company has opted to join the digital future. The company digitalized its entire project management process and project managers can now access all relevant documents an information right at the construction site thanks to ELO for Mobile Devices.


Delectable coffee creations combined with digital HR processes

Ever since 1930, Hochland Kaffee Hunzelmann GmbH has stood for quality over quantity, passion over profit. The people behind the company are near and dear to management. This is why Hochland relies on its employees, and now on ELO HR Personnel File.

Hoffmann + Krippner

Thanks to ELO, transparent processes have increased productivity

Thanks to ELOenterprise, invoices, delivery notes, order confirmations, and general correspondence at Hoffmann + Krippner are archived and managed in ELO. The company also digitized its old documents so that employees would have access to information in an instant.

Hohenstein Institute

The Institute uses ELOprofessional to process invoices efficiently

Since implementing ELO, the Institute requires less storage space for documents, has end-to-end processes for digital invoicing, and is able to meet retention legislation.


ELO ECM Suite automates document management across business-critical areas spanning finance, accounting, procurement, and operations.

Ovitas has implemented the ELO ECM Suite for document and content management at Hopsteiner. As a leading provider of high-quality hops to brewers worldwide, Hopsteiner uses ELO to automate document management across business-critical areas spanning finance, accounting, procurement, and operations.

Huisseau sur Cosson

With ELOprofessional, the municipality has an efficient document management system

The municipality in France uses ELOprofessional to digitize inbound mail and route documents with the help of electronic workflows. As a result, the community saves space and keeps printing costs to a minimum.

IBC Solar

IBC Solar AG has implemented a comprehensive information and workflow management system

IBC Solar implemented a comprehensive information and workflow management system based on ELOenterprise and SharePoint. Data is available to employees at national and international branches. The larger country offices use their own local ELO instances, which are automatically synchronized with head office.

IFB International Freightbridge

Around 100,000 invoices are digitised and automatically archived in ELO

IFB has optimized its accounting system with ELOprofessional: The company digitizes around 100,000 inbound and outbound invoices annually and automatically files them in ELO. Thanks to the seamless integration of ELO in the IFB software environment, the company benefits from an efficient ECM solution.

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH

The company relies on ELOprofessional for its accounting processes

Based in Offenburg, J. Schneider Elektrotechnik is a powerful high-tech producer of industrial power supplies. The company implemented ELOprofessional as an enterprise content management solution to streamline the in-house accounting and purchasing systems.

Jost Group

ELOenterprise integrates seamlessly with the Group’s system landscape

Jost Group relies on ELOenterprise for providing excellent customer service and streamlining internal workflows. The ELO Business Partner customized the ELO solution to meet Jost Group’s specific needs.

JUNG Bonbonfabrik

ELO ECM is a flexible solution that integrates with the company’s applications

The confectionery company archives all of its data in ELOenterprise. The ECM solution also integrates seamlessly integrated with the company’s other applications, such as its ERP system, giving emplyoees faster access to data and ensuring documents are stored in line with retention requirements.

J. Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG

Building the future with digital processes

For more than 100 years, J. Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG has been one of the leading construction companies for residential and commercial real estate in northern Germany. During the 2020 coronavirus crisis, the full service provider for the construction industry ventured into the digital future in record time — thanks to digital invoice processing with ELO Invoice and the ELO ECM Suite.

Konrad Peters GmbH

ELOprofessional optimized filing and business processes

Peters GmbH specializes in renovating single and multi-family homes, with a focus on renewable energies. Thanks to ELOprofessional, the company has optimized its filing and business processes, and can now access data anytime, anywhere.

La Mie Câline

Tradition meets automation

Customers have been enjoying the range of La Mie Câline breads and pastries for over thirty years. In recent years, the company has made remarkable progress. More than 2,000 employees currently work in the bakery and catering arm of the business. With 208 bakery chains and 40 million customers a year, the company has many tasks to focus on, including having to process vast amounts of data. This was a challenge that ELO gladly accepted.

Leopold Fiebig GmbH & Co. KG

ELOenterprise with direct access to the ERP system

Leopold Fiebig is a full-service private and independent pharmaceutical wholesaler that makes around 4,000 deliveries to 600 pharmacies daily. The company decided to invest in ELOenterprise as it needed an ECM solution that would easily integrate with its ERP system, eliminate paper-based processes, and ensure unlimited access to documents in the repository.

Landeskontrollverband Berlin‑Brandenburg eV

Got milk?

The work of Landeskontrollverband Berlin-Brandenburg eV state inspection association is as versatile as its member companies. One thing they all have in common is the endeavor to ensure and continuously optimize the quality of the dairy and cattle industry in Brandenburg over the long term. Important strategic aspects include the digitalization of business processes and quality management with ELO ECM Suite.


Automatic document archiving and fast information retrieval

Maredo optimizes its HR and accounting processes with ELOprofessional, the ELO DocXtractor, and digital personal files in combination with IBM AS400.


Merlo saves time and resources with ELOenterprise

MERLO opted for electronic document management with ELOenterprise to ensure central information access and transparency in its business processes.

Neue Storchen pharmacy

Less time spent on administrative work

The pharmacy uses ELOprofessional as a document management system to reduce the amount of administrative work related to orders, delivery notes, and invoices, so that staff can devote more time to the customers.

New Hampshire Generator Installers (NHGI)

Document management capabilities allow faster access to customer records and business content regardless of device or location.

New Hampshire Generator Installers (NHGI) implemented i-Link, a web service from ELO Business Partner Ovitas. i-Link synchronizes master data between an ERP system and ELO ECM Suite for enterprise document management. With Ovitas i-Link, NHGI automatically routes documents such as invoices or purchase orders from their ERP system to the ELO document management system.

Palisade Integrated Management Services

Adding Value Through Asset Document Control

Palisade Integrated Management Services (PIMS) has achieved the highest professional standards for the control of its asset documentation through the successful implementation of ELOprofessional, replacing a number of legacy systems. Effective management has enabled Palisade to reach an unprecedented level of accuracy for their documents, allowing for a greater oversight and reduction of redundant activities.

PARI Medical Holding

Fast access to information, high staff motivation, optimized and time‑saving processes

PARI carries out its administrative processes with ELO, including invoices and delivery notes. All information from the various data processing systems is available in a central repository. ELO is seamlessly integrated into the ERP system, first connected to Baan, followed by SAP. Pari also uses an electronic signature solution from intarsys. The result: fast access to information, high staff motivation, optimized and time-saving processes.

Poșta Moldovei

More efficient postal service thanks to ELO

The national postal services operator in the Republic of Moldova implemented ELOprofessional as a document management system primarily for archiving contracts and court files in line with data retention legislation.

Police Trade Union

With ELO, the Police Trade Union reduced its repository by over 90%, improving service for members

With the ELO document management system, the Bavarian Police Trade Union (GdP) manages approx. 1 million documents and has reduced its file repository by over 90%. Having information at their fingertips has helped them improve service for members substantially. Employees have seen their filing and researching workload reduced and can work more efficiently and effectively.

RAG Deutsche Steinkohle

With ELOenterprise, RAG Deutsche Steinkohle AG is gradually digitizing its work processes

RAG Deutsche Steinkohle digitizes processes with ELOenterprise, giving employees access to company data in the central ELO repository. The software also communicates seamlessly with SAP, ensuring that data is exchanged automatically between systems.

Raiffeisenverband SüdtiroL

ELOprofessional provides the benefits of a uniform repository system as well as complete integration into the bank applications

Headquartered in Bolzano, Italy, Raiffeisenverband Südtirol is the parent organization of all South Tyrolean associations set up based on the “Raiffeisen system” acting in line with the associations’ basic principles. The organization provides consultation and support for its member associations. It is a service provider for 47 Raiffeisen banks as well as the Raiffeisen Landesbank Südtirol, South Tyrol’s central banking institute. Over 300 employees are responsible for fulfilling these tasks every day. With the ELOprofessional ECM system, the Italian company is able to file documents in a single central repository.

REA Card

Optimizing contract management and other systems, totaling over two million documents

REA Card is a leading supplier of all-in-one card acceptance solutions for the point of sale. The range of services includes the development and manufacture of hardware and software for card payment as well as services for cashless payments. With the ELOprofessional ECM suite, the company has optimized its contract management and other systems, which contain over two million documents.

Reclay Group

ELOenterprise provides the entire range of ECM tasks Reclay Group requires

ELOenterprise provides the entire range of ECM functions Reclay Group requires. The corporate IT landscape is mapped on the ECM platform. Incoming invoices are classified and processed with the ELO DocXtractor module. Workflows control processes both transparently and reliably. The ELO Business Logic Provider ensures seamless communication between ELO and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The solution helps the company meet legal compliance provisions and leverage their early payment discount options. Employees can access up-to-date information from any location.

RHEWUM Separation & Sorting Systems

RHEWUM GmbH impressed by what ELOprofessional has to offer

Screening machine specialist RHEWUM was looking for a solution that would enable employees to define a central structure for project files, assign documents straight from an e-mail program to designated folders, and integrate with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database: the answer was ELOprofessional.


RTB successfully eliminates growing mountains of paper, automating its business processes

With ELOprofessional and a supporting ELO Business Partner, RTB has successfully eliminated the constantly growing mountains of paper and automated numerous business processes. Thanks to seamless integration with the existing ERP system from avista and the ELO barcode module, ELOprofessional has optimized and structured these processes. All relevant documents are now filed in accordance with legal requirements and are available at the press of a button in the central ELO ECM repository – for all employees, no matter their location. In the end, the time gained benefits customers.

Saxony’s state theater and opera house

Saxony’s state theater and opera house in Dresden has reduced contract processing time by 65% with ELOenterprise

Dresden’s Semperoper and Staatsschauspiel is one of the leading opera houses in Germany and the world with some 300 performances and several hundred thousand visitors every year. Having already used ELOoffice, the entry-level solution for electronic document management from ELO, the state-run venue decided to analyze the benefits of an ECM system, and finally opted for implementing the high-end solution ELOenterprise together with ELO Business Partner Konica Minolta. Today, most documents are filed automatically with ELOenterprise. At the same time, the system triggers an electronic ELO workflow which ensures secure document storage and controllable access by all departments involved.

Scania Schweiz AG

Powerful administration for powerful vehicles

Scania is a leading manufacturer of trucks and buses. With ELO, Scania Schweiz AG reinforces its existing software solutions with a strong document management system.


ELO helps transform the town administration

The town administration in Schriesheim uses ELO to integrate its accounting software with ELOprofessional, digitize e-mails, and archive them in line with retention requirements.

Schuler Präzisionstechnik

Ultra-precise HR processes

Schuler Präzisionstechnik has specialized in the production of ultraprecise turned parts and assemblies for customers from a wide range of industries since 1925. Headquartered in Gosheim, Germany, the traditional company is growing steadily, relying on sustainability and ELO HR Personnel File.

Schwarzwald Augenklinik

Setting high administrative standards with ELOprofessional

Thanks to ELOprofessional, the ophthalmic clinic sets high standards in administration. Inbound mail is digitized and routed automatically, ensuring that no documents are forgotten. The ability to provide information on demand saves time and resources, and going paperless has also minimized the need for storage space.

Securiton GmbH

Securiton implements an end-to-end, company-wide enterprise content management system

Securiton GmbH has implemented an end-to-end, company-wide enterprise content management system based on ELOenterprise. All corporate data from the purchasing and sales department or the project teams is managed and controlled across the entire company. For Securiton, this means secure information and project management presently available at 120 workstations.

School and Sports Department of Zurich

Optimized efficiency with ELOenterprise

Owing to the flexibility and integration capacity of ELOenterprise, the department has greatly improved its efficiency. The ECM solution provides the ideal basis for optimizing other work processes and advancing innovative projects.


Invoice, Customer, and Contract Management with ELO

As a discovery platform for scholars, ScienceOpen found that they had inefficiencies with their invoice process, the overall workflow was outdated and not optimized to meet the current needs of the company. Ovitas customized a solution to solve their needs through ELOprofessional and i-Link for Quickbooks.


Innovative purchasing processes at major French aviation hub

For over 30 years, expert Sodexi has offered its customers tailored, innovative solutions for international express transport to France’s largest commercial airport. Facing new challenges in terms of purchasing and contract management and digitizing invoices, Sodexi, primarily active at two locations at the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, turned to ELO.

AMEOS Hospital Bremerhaven

Combining ELOprofessional and KiS to ensure information is available fast

AMEOS Hospital has combined ELOprofessional and KiS to ensure information is available fast from a central location. Existing patient files were quickly and securely digitized and microfilmed. All authorized employees now access medical documents, such as diagnostic findings, letters, images or records, via ELO. Staff can access the data in ELO directly from KiS. This saves the hospital time while improving staff satisfaction.


Works with the ELO digital personnel file

STIHL has integrated PAISY Peoplesoft (ADP) with ELOprofessional and now manages over 7,000 personnel files in Germany in electronic form.

Strub Medical GmbH & Co. KG

Digital processes in the world of medical technology

For over 50 years, Strub Medical GmbH & Co. KG in Neuhausen ob Eck has produced premium microsurgical instruments. In 2018, the company embarked on its digital journey, introducing ELOprofessional to control its business processes.


Stugalux opts for ELO to digitize its invoice process

Stugalux, a construction company based in Luxembourg, receives 13,000 supplier invoices every year. Stugalux negotiates different prices for every supplier due to the varying quantities ordered. The company decided to scan invoices to check prices for each order much faster, allowing for more consistent cost management.

Stuttgart Region Chamber of Trades and Crafts

Focus on integrated knowledge management

The Stuttgart Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades uses ELOenterprise as an integrated knowledge management tool. The ECM software was implemented with the help of ELO Business Partner Softmate to boost process efficiency at the regional umbrella organization.

SWD Düsseldorf

Municipal housing association SWD Düsseldorf uses ELOprofessional to file all leasing-related correspondence

Since 1975, municipal housing association SWD Düsseldorf has been helping the citizens of Düsseldorf to find affordable living space by providing comprehensive portfolio management and acquiring and overseeing the construction of residential buildings. Managing around 8,500 apartments with over 15,000 tenants, over 400 commercial units, and nearly 1,900 garages and parking spaces involves a great amount of organizational work and a large archive space. For this reason, SWD opted to introduce ECM system ELOprofessional to file its outgoing documents and all correspondence. SWD also benefits from electronic leasing files: All documents are automatically filed to ELO once they have been assigned to a rental agreement.

Tacke + Lindemann

Optimized business processes with ELOprofessional

Tacke + Lindemann introduced ELOprofessional to optimize their business processes and to make information available on demand. Centralized incoming invoice processing affords the company controlled transparency and helps it to meet discount deadlines. The ELO business partner seamlessly integrated the ECM system into the IT landscape of the Dortmund-based company, connecting all relevant departments. Tacke + Lindemann benefits from centralized document distribution, a reduction of the required archiving space, and the ability to quickly respond to queries from customers and partners.

Tassilo Apotheke

Tassilo Apotheke implements DMS to dedicate more time to its customers

Tassilo Apotheke cares about the well-being of their customers. Integrating their WINAPO merchandise management system into the ELOprofessional document management system (DMS) allows the pharmacy to access and manage data transparently and quickly, leaving more time to tend to the core business. Employees rapidly retrieve all relevant information from the ELO archive and can even access business data on the go with ELO for Smartphone. The DMS software was adapted to the specific needs of Tassilo Apotheke by an ELO business partner experienced in this area.


A breath of fresh air for accounts

40 wind turbines with a total output of 200 megawatts stand proud as a symbol of the innovative power of municipal energy suppliers and the Trianel utilities cooperation. The success of the pioneer project to build the first offshore wind farm in the North Sea powered entirely by municipal utilities not only relies on the strength of the joint venture, but also on the digital invoice management solution ELO Invoice.

VfB Stuttgart

In a whole different league: digital invoice management at VfB Stuttgart

VfB Stuttgart has attached importance to tradition ever since it was founded in 1893. But the largest sports club in the state of Baden-Württemberg has always kept its focus on progress. In 2018, VfB Stuttgart joined the first league of digitization with ELOprofessional and ELO Invoice.

Vossloh Kiepe

ELOenterprise for fast access to information and transparent processes

The Düsseldorf-based company Vossloh Kiepe GmbH uses ELOenterprise. This ECM software is connected to the PSI Penta PPS system, Paisy Travel, and its in-house application for repairs. As a result, employees benefit from central, fast, and comprehensive access to information. ELO workflows control approval processes and ensure secure and transparent processes.

vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste AG

Celebrating 10 years of ELO at vwd

Part of the vwd group, vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste offers communication and technology solutions tailored to the securities business, and is one of the leading providers in Europe. With ELOprofessional, the vwd group has not only optimized its central filing, contract, and invoice approval processes, but has also integrated them into work-from-home scenarios.

Weimarer Wohnstätte

With ELO, Weimarer Wohnstätte has increased customer satisfaction

Weimarer Wohnstätte increases customer satisfaction with ELO. Thanks to the DMS, the staff have instant access to tenants’ files from every workplace. Incoming and outgoing post is also processed and filed electronically with ELOprofessional. Ancillary costs, invoices, and tenant data are automatically imported from the housing industry software AS/400 via the ELO COLD interface into the electronic ELO tenant file. The result is increased customer satisfaction, optimized corporate information flow, and efficient business processes.

W.I.R. Personaldienstleistung

Perfectly coordinated software technologies, the right workflows, and a sound overall concept

With ELO, W.I.R. makes more efficient use of its resources, optimizing collaboration between headquarters and external locations. Information on customers is available across the company, and is easily integrated into the operative system at W.I.R., saving a great deal of time for the staff, which they can dedicate to excellent customer service.

WVH Dienstleistungsgesellschaft Heidenau

Electronic tenant file using ELOprofessional

The WVH Group implemented an electronic tenant file using ELOprofessional. Employees benefit from quick and central access to required documents. In addition, customers and Business Partners are pleased with the improved customer service thanks to readily available information on the WVH website. Workflows control invoice receipt processing and ensure transparent, faster, and higher quality processes. The experienced ELO Business Partner provided support during the implementation of the ECM solution.

Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Würth welcomes guests with ELO Visitor

Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG is part of the Würth Group, the world’s leader in the wholesale of assembly and fastening material. Its Circuit Board Technology (CBT) division produces state-of-theart circuit boards. The company relies on ELOenterprise to manage its many custom circuit board designs for over 4,000 customers, and welcomes visitors to the future of electronics using Business Solution ELO Visitor.

Würzburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrs‑GmbH

Leaving paper-based processes behind with ELOprofessional

Würzburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrs-GmbH introduced ELOprofessional to leave paper-based processes behind and go digital. The group benefits from faster and streamlined workflows as well as on-demand information search capability. The ELO Business Partner tailored the ECM software to the requirements of WVV.

Ybbstaler Fruit Austria

Accelerated corporate processes with ELO

With ELO’s assistance, Ybbstaler Fruit Austria has simplified and accelerated its corporate processes. With just a few clicks of the mouse, employees can access the information they need in a matter of seconds, regardless of their location. The company was also able to reduce its print volume drastically.


Zachry Construction streamlines invoice processing with ELO ECM

Zachry Construction is a leading privately-owned construction company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. It specializes in the construction of large, technically unique projects around the world.

ZBI Fondsmanagement AG

Digital investment files – an investment in the future

Headquartered in Erlangen, ZBI Fondsmanagement AG is an independent provider of tailored real estate fund products for institutional and private investors. The capital management company relies on ELOprofessional to keep track of its investment files and contracts.


Jam manufacturer Zentis GmbH & Co. KG has found the right recipe with ELO

Zentis GmbH & Co. KG is well-known for its fruit-based jams and delicious marzipan specialties. Zentis is also one of Europe’s leading fruit preparation companies, giving its numerous fruit preparations in yogurt, fruit quark, and many more dairy products a delicious fruity taste. Zentis has specialized in the preparation of fruit and other natural products for nearly 120 years. With ELOprofessional, this Aachen-based business has now found the right recipe for document management.

Zürich police

Streamlines processes with ELO for Mobile Devices

Thanks to ELOenterprise and the mobile app ELO for Mobile Devices, members of the police force in Zurich now have access to digital documents on an iPhone or iPad, wherever they are. The ability to access information from any location increases the responsiveness of police officers in daily operations. Currently, about 2,200 employees of the municipal police force work with ELOenterprise and benefit from fast access to e-mails, directives, and other important information.

Zepf Medical Instruments GmbH

ZEPF implements end-to-end solution with ELO

Zepf Medical Instruments is a medium-sized company in the medtech field. The family-owned company specializes in high-quality surgical instruments. By introducing ELOprofessional, Zepf Medical Instruments GmbH has streamlined its processes. Not only does the company import product catalogs to ELOprofessional, ensuring faster response times to customer requests. It has also optimized its invoice process. After payment and approval, invoices are forwarded to ELO DocXtractor, which files them specific to the supplier based on ERP data. The e-mails are then archived automatically by ELOxc for Microsoft EWS.

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