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ELO is compliant with:


The ELO ECM Suite includes technologies crucial to meeting the standards and safeguards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


The ELO software development is based on the following accepted worldwide ISO standards:

  • Records Management ISO 15489-1 and Part 2
  • Document Management ISO 82045
  • Documentfiling ISO 10166
  • Electronic signature guideline EU Directive 1999/93/EC

US Legislation

The ELO system is compliant with the following US archiving laws:

  • FDA CFR21 / Part 11
  • USGA
  • SOX

German Legislation

In order to meet compliance in Germany, the ELO system meets the requirements of the following archiving laws:

  • GoBD (formerly GoBS and GDPdU)
  • SigG
  • BDSG
  • KonTraG

British Legislation

The ELO solution also adheres to the following British laws to meet compliant standards:

  • BCCI
  • Code of Practice…
  • Civil Evidence Act

Other Legislation

Further international laws and guidelines that ELO complies with are:

  • DOMEA Government – conform
  • Basel II
  • EuroSOX
  • OR (GeBüV)
  • MwSt
  • VZertES
  • l‘article 1316 – 4 du Code civil SEC 17a Loi sur la sécurité financière (LSF)

Benefits of Compliance

Maximize efficiency

Automating processes improves productivity and reduces costs

Stay compliant

All your files and documents are safely archived making it easier to comply with data retention policies

Save money

Comply with data retention policies and avoid getting hit with big fines. HIPPA fines can range from $100 to $50,000 per incident, with a maximum of $1.5 million!

Reduce overhead

Be rid of paper-based filing systems, which are expensive and arduous to manage

Powerful and quick

Smart search tools ensure that all the information you need is literally at your fingertips

Stay up-to-date

Version control ensures you always have access to the latest version of a document. No document is simply overwritten: you can instantly access a previous version of the document if needed

Third-party integration

Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and enable information to travel between disparate systems

Work on the go

Access documents and make informed decisions, even when you are out of the office

Individual permissions

The ELO permissions concept lets you define authorized users and control access to information

Encourages productive teamwork

Collaboration tools enable employees to exchange information quickly and easily and foster effective teamwork

Features of the solution

Long-term archiving

ELO Digital Office content management software (CMS) from Ovitas lets you manage your documents, records, email – any content – easily and securely in the cloud or onsite, from SMEs to large enterprises.

Maximum transparency

Ovitas Content Management Suite is an end-to-end DITA XML-based component content management system (CCMS) that supports content transformation, multi-channel publishing, translation management, and more.

Data security

Ovitas i-Link is a two-way communication service between your existing systems and content in ELO or Ovitas Content Management Suite that automates the flow of content and data throughout its lifecycle. 

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