ELO HR Module

Data Privacy & Security at all times

The digital personnel file from ELO provides secure storage of employee records, and completely controllable access.

Create electronic personnel files and centralize all documents in one secure location, regardless of their format. ELO HR Personnel File is an all-in-one tool that captures employee data, enables you to kick off HR processes, and monitors important dates. A permissions system and encryption technology ensure compliance with data protection and other legislation.

Optimize your HR practices:

  • Create master files and trigger processes from an employee’s first day to their last day on the job.
  • Checklists ensure that you keep a continual overview.
  • The digital personnel file supports sustainable GDPR compliance and other regulatory requirements.
  • Automated notifications and alerts ensure you don’t miss any important deadlines.

Key Features of the Solution

The ELO HR Dashboard

Keep important information in personnel files at your fingertips:

  • View relevant employee data on a convenient dashboard
  • Filter employees by status, e.g. new hires, active, inactive, terminated
  • Set permissions to control access to teams and employee data
  • Calendar view provides a neat overview of all deadlines
  • Add colors to make upcoming deadlines stand out
  • Generate statistics

The Organizational Chart

Create organizational charts to depict your company’s structure:

  • Maintain an overview of your company’s personnel structure
  • Create an organizational hierarchy with divisions, departments, and teams
  • Add or update position data in the employee’s personnel file
  • Define responsibilities
  • Break down into sub-charts and assign permissions for those levels

Access to Files

  • Department head or employee requests access to view an employee file.
  • HR department receives the request and grants access.
  • Confidential documents are removed before the file is issued.
  • Employee submitting the request receives a copy of the file.
  • Copies are automatically deleted after a set amount of time.

Change Request

  • Employee submits a request to change data.
  • The system makes the data available for review.
  • Employee updates the information.
  • The change is submitted to the HR department.
  • Once approved, the data is automatically changed in the personnel file.

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