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Records and information (RIM) management is an important part of nearly every functional area in business and government. Legal requirements drive how long information assets need to be stored, managed, secured, archived, and ultimately disposed of over time. ELO does RIM.

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Key Records Management Features

Records and information management is the discipline related to the ownership, custody, safekeeping, archival, access, and disposal of documents declared as records throughout their life cycle. So you need a records management solution that not only supports the information lifecycle but also adapts to your specific record and information management needs.


Governance is a major part of records management. Create workflows, define roles, implement standards and report on metrics to help your organization meet its obligations and achieve its goals and objectives. With ELO, it’s easy to implement your information governance program.

Retention schedules

Retention schedules vary according to different record types. Create workflows and alerts to apply retention schedules to documents with shared characteristics and different records series. Why would you do this manually? You wouldn’t, so let ELO do the work automatically. 

Classification and declaration

Policies and regulations dictate what must be declared a record, and when. Set up classification metadata and use workflows and forms to automatically classify, secure, and organize records in your organization. ELO makes it easy to create the right classification scheme for your information.


GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are both game-changing privacy regulations. Today you need a GDPR-compliant document management system that puts you in control of personal information. ELO keeps your data private and secure so you stay compliant.


Records disposition is the end of the records management process. Define event-based or time-based disposition workflows to make sure you keep what you need but only as long as you need it to reduce risk and information ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial).

Barcode for remote storage

If you need to keep physical records for regulatory or policy reasons, you need a standardized way to locate and retrieve those records. Using ELO barcoding functionality, you can easily link your digital copy in ELO with its offline equivalent, no matter where it’s stored.

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