Component Content Management Major Benefits and Return on Investment

Why Invest in Ovitas Component Content Management? We do it best!

Write Once Use Often

One piece of content may be written and approved, or updated, and included in any number of document instances. By establishing a single source of truth, companies gain accuracy, efficiency, and the minimizing of potential error introduced by copy/paste and other manual methods of creating documents.

Versioning, History, Audit Trails

A component content management system (CCMS) can track changes, keep historical versions, and provide audit trails at a much more dynamic level than a simple document management system. Companies can insure compliance and quality assurance even with a broad spectrum of products and data sets.

Granular Content and Metadata

Authoring content at a granular level such as a Topic, allows subject matter experts to concentrate on the technical information, and with a CCMS, allows multiple contributors to create and revise content within a document simultaneously, removing costly serial processes from the information production process. Adding Metadata to the XML granular content facilitates the reuse of that content in multiple instances, and gives organizations significant return by allowing automation for document updates and delivery. The only way to manage these processes is by implementing Ovitas CMS.

Content Localization

Huge gains in time and cost have been realized by organizations who require content to be translated for local markets. By using a CCMS to package granular content as opposed to entire documents, cost of translation and speed of project completion has saved millions of dollars, and dramatically reduces product time to market.

Personalization and Audience

A major goal of most companies it to provide the right information at the right time, ultimately giving customers the ability to personalize their experience with technical documentation, with the additional potential to communicate feedback to product experts. Ovitas CMS provides the platform.

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