Intelligent ERP Integration with i-Link

Ovitas i-Link keeps your back-office systems in sync with your documents and records.

How does i-Link work with my ERP?

i-Link is an intelligent web service that synchronizes master data between your ERP system and ELO. Documents are automatically routed to ELO from your ERP system — e.g., a ERP-generated PDF invoice or PO. Or, documents can be added directly into ELO through another process, such as scanning vendor AP invoices or ELO barcode automation.

Ovitas i-Link Applications

i-Link AI Document Processing

Streamline and automate document processing with automated data capture and extraction.

i-Link Business Central

Integrate ELO ECM Suite functions with Microsoft ERP and CRM systems.

i-Link Client Portal

With access to important business content anywhere, anytime, securely share files with clients, vendors, and partners.

i-Link DocuSign

Sign and approve contracts and other documents requiring signatures without ever having to print paper or use another application.

i-Link Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

ECM functions for your CRM system.

i-Link Service Portal

The i-Link Service Portal supports your customers, service centers, and field service technicians throughout the entire service process.

What are some common ERP-related processes ideal for i-Link?

Vendor AP approval

Vendor bills need to reconcile with POs and be approved – or rejected – before payment. i-Link pulls master vendor and PO data from your ERP so your AP staff can easily reconcile bills with POs and route approvals to the right people in the right departments. Once approved, i-Link messages your ERP that the bill is okay to pay.

Customer invoice management

Do company policies or legal requirements require invoice archiving? If yes, where do you keep them and for how long? Use i-Link to automatically import and file customer invoices as your ERP generates them. Leverage ELO’s recordkeeping functions to automatically apply company retention schedule(s). 

Quote management

Quotes are created by sales in a CRM system, or more often, in Excel. When a quote is approved, is it re-keyed in your ERP? If yes, then consider what i-Link can do: Create (and revise) quotes in ELO. When the customer approves, sales initiates a workflow that pushes data to your ERP, which converts the quote to an invoice.

Sales support

Salespeople like CRM, not ERP. Yet they may need to know if customer invoices have been sent or paid. So they bother the AR staff. Using i-Link, customer data and invoice information can be synchronized so non-accounting staff can see pertinent customer information needed to do their jobs effectively.

eSignature with DocuSign

Regardless of what industry you work in, contracts are essential to keeping your business running. Integration between i-Link and DocuSign allows users to not only view and manage existing contracts, but also create new contracts and send them to be signed all in ELO. Take advantage of ELO’s contract management solution with i-Link and DocuSign today!

Invoice processing with ABBYY

Inefficiencies, errors, and costs are a few of the different risks you come across when it comes to managing invoices and processing invoices manually. With ABBYY, you remove the physical handling of paper and manually processing invoices with Flexicapture, a tool that automates your invoice processing. Take advantage of ABBYY and learn how i‑Link can from your ELO and meet your invoice processing needs!

Business central

As a Microsoft user, are you looking for a way to digitally store and manage data and documents and integrate them into your business processes? Then i‑Link is the right solution for you. i‑Link Business Central communicates seamlessly between your existing Microsoft applications and services and your ELO via interfaces and integration solutions. The result: lower costs, more transparency, and streamlined internal processes.

What is the i-Link set up process?

Ovitas i-Link is integrated with ELOenterprise out of the box, as is standard mapping to customer, vendor and certain other master data from leading ERP systems.

Map fields

To allow either one- or two-way synchronization, you map fields in your ERP to fields in ELO. This is made easy with the i-Link mapper interface – no coding required.

Configure sync

After mapping fields, set each to be synced one-way or two-way. Typically master data is synced one-way from the ERP to ELO, while transactional data may sync both ways.

One-time sync

Finally, perform a one-time sync to push all mapped ERP data from your ERP into ELO. This action will build the customer, vendor, etc. structure/filing plan in ELO automatically.

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