Ovitas honored for providing flexible remote work solutions



Ovitas is a content management firm that helps businesses and government agencies organize their information with innovative solutions. Whether it is document and records management, accounts payable automation, or end-to-end content life cycle, their software implementations and support services are designed to help organizations succeed. 

Having been in business for 19 years, Ovitas stands out in the market by going above and beyond to provide software to customers and partnering with them to improve their business processes. 

As a premier provider of ELO ECM software, Ovitas offers a single platform for building content-enabled applications while complementing clients’ core business systems. This enables clients to remotely manage back-office operations and enhances their contract management, invoice processing, and HR operations. 

Ovitas’ cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for local IT infrastructure, making it a turnkey product with all the robust features. The ELO ECM Suite is integrated with multiple systems and is hosted on the cloud, making it accessible to remote and on-site clients. 

Pre-defined work flows make business operations easier for customers. Ovitas’ solutions use AI to extract necessary information from documents, such as invoices in the email system. The data is then routed through the workflow to ensure it reaches the person responsible for reviewing and approving the invoices for payment. After the invoice is approved, the information is synchronized into the ERP systems. Notifications built into the workflow trigger an alert for unpaid invoices. Vendors can also use the system to track the status of their invoices. 

“One of our customers was shipping giant boxes of contracts overseas for approval. Before the pandemic, the client always had on-site staff to perform this task. They were never pushed to try a different method.”

Ovitas President, Jeff Bettencourt

Specializing in back-office automation and AI-powered invoice processing, Ovitas helps automate work that used to be done on-site, such as digitizing a company’s physical HR records. They also provide the ability to deliver content to internal users and customers through an easy-to-use web portal. 

For example, contracts pass through multiple hands before the sign-off process is complete. This means an employee may deliver a contract to a colleague for review before sending it out for the client’s signature. The client then sends the signed contract back. Ovitas’ software simplifies this process by streamlining the entire process through a single platform. 

Before the pandemic, these services were performed manually by most. Numerous businesses scurried to automate their business processes to remain operational. 

“One of our customers was shipping giant boxes of contracts overseas for approval. Before the pandemic, the client always had on-site staff to perform this task. They were never pushed to try a different method,” says Jeff Bettencourt, president of Ovitas. 

Ovitas automated the contract approval process for the client and its partners, making their transition to remote work easier. 

Seamless integration with the existing ecosystem is a hallmark of Ovitas’ tools, making it easier for all stakeholders to interact with the content. For example, ELO’s integration with Microsoft Office Suite allows customers to access multiple collaboration tools. This integration also enables them to use specific solutions for HR management and visitor management. 

With AWS as its preferred cloud partner, Ovitas ensures maximum uptime and resiliency for users, allowing them constant access to information without relying on employees in a server room. Robust security models are implemented at document and business process levels, providing access to users based on defined roles. Ovitas also constantly updates their platform to ensure compliance with security standards. 

By offering a high level of customization for clients, Ovitas has earned the reputation of the ideal content management solution provider for all businesses, especially as remote work continues to be a preferred option in a post-pandemic world.